Born with a crippling uterine birth defect (nonvascular uterine septum) and severe endometriosis. After seven miscarriages, eight surgeries, a false Asherman’s Syndrome diagnosis, failed frozen IVF, experimental endometrial lining therapy and deep mental health struggles, Bethany finally conceived and delivered her daughter in 2016.

Now she shares her story of feeling like a lost cause to inspire others. Despite the uterine septum and many other significant challenges, she conceived against all the odds.

Tune in for hope, inspiration and one hell of a story!

“I literally delivered my fully-formed baby dead in a bedpan by myself.”

In this episode:

Uterine Septum
The realities of miscarriage
The deep impact of miscarriage
Asherman Syndrome – nearly
Failed Frozen IVF (FET)
Endometrial lining therapy
The mental health and relationship struggles caused by infertility

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