Podcast 58 - Finding balance during infertility acupuncture benefits Michelle Oravitz Wholesome Lotus

Podcast 58 - Finding balance during infertility acupuncture benefits Michelle Oravitz Wholesome Lotus

Find out about the incredible benefits of acupuncture and Chinese medicine during infertility with Michelle Oravitz from the Wholesome Lotus

Today’s guest is the wonderful Michelle Oravitzfrom the Wholesome Lotus in Miami, Florida. We chat about the amazing benefits of acupuncture she personally experienced through TCM and how she changed her career and now helps others improve their health.

We talk specifically about her specialist area of fertility and how beneficial acupuncture has been for so many of her clients.

Balance is tricky to achieve during infertility, however, acupuncture is always seeking to return you to overall balance – it aids you in supporting both your mind and body to work towards this.

In this episode:

  • Meet Michelle Oravitz and hear her story of how acupuncture radically changed her gynaecological health
  • How acupuncture works for fertility
  • Does acupuncture work for fertility?
  • Finding balance during infertility
  • The amazing benefits of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine
  • Ways to achieve balance

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Links mentioned in the podcast:

  • Your Fertility Toolbox – Free resources, tools and exclusive community for emotional support during infertility – https://yourfertilityhub.com/toolbox/
  • The Wholesome Lotus, Miami Florida – https://www.thewholesomelotusfertility.com/
  • The Wholesome Lotus Podcast – https://www.thewholesomelotusfertility.com/thewholesomefertilitypodcast

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