How do I tell others what I’m going through?

Transcript 0:00:00.960,0:00:07.920 it’s completely up to you who you tell around your  infertility it’s very individual and some people 0:00:07.920,0:00:15.360 keep it completely private others share with just  close friends and family or others are completely 0:00:15.360,0:00:21.520 open around their

Can infertility be caused by stress?

This is a really interesting question and one that I’ve been fascinated by, and done a lot of research around, and even written a paper on. Because there is a lot of speculation out there and many women asking,  “is

Podcast EP59 – Bethany’s story of uterine septum, miscarriage and eventually conceiving

Born with a crippling uterine birth defect (nonvascular uterine septum) and severe endometriosis. After seven miscarriages, eight surgeries, a false Asherman’s Syndrome diagnosis, failed frozen IVF, experimental endometrial lining therapy and deep mental health struggles, Bethany finally conceived and delivered

Podcast 58 – Finding balance during infertility with acupuncture

Find out about the incredible benefits of acupuncture and Chinese medicine during infertility with Michelle Oravitz from the Wholesome Lotus Today’s guest is the wonderful Michelle Oravitzfrom the Wholesome Lotus in Miami, Florida. We chat about the amazing benefits of

Podcast EP57 – Spotlight on Corinne’s fertility coaching call

Listen to Corinne’s live fertility coaching call, hear her story and what tools and tips can support her to feel more positive and hopeful. We’re excited to be able to share with you a live fertility coaching call with one

Podcast 56 – Dealing with pregnancy announcements during infertility

Listen in for some practical strategies to help you deal with pregnancy announcements during infertility and how to set boundaries with friends and family. Pregnancy announcements can be so debilitating when you’re trying to conceive. It feels like everyone around